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The Arts Council of Princeton and Chimera Productions present The Other Place July 20 - 22

New Jersey-based theater company Chimera Productions is proud to present its 13th production, The Other Place by Sharr White, in Princeton, New Jersey on July 19, 20 and 21, 2018, in conjunction with The Arts Council of Princeton. The play, presented in the intimate 60-seat theater inside Princeton's Paul Robeson Center for the Arts, is a fast-paced, witty, powerhouse of a drama about a scientist on the brink of a revolutionary discover, who's also contemplating divorce and trying to revive her relationship with her estranged daughter.


Longtime friends and collaborators Jeffrey Alan Davis, an actor and high school drama teacher, and Drew Griffiths, a playwright, actor and author, are the founders of Chimera Productions. Both are especially looking forward to bringing this stirring play to the stage alongside a talented cast.


Davis said the play spoke to him both as a theater producer, and on a deeply personal level. "The writing is fantastic! We are always searching for new authors who's work speaks to us and to our style and this was winner. Also, it deals with something that most of us will have to face in our families or ourselves. It is particularly poignant to me right now because it is something my own family is beginning to deal with."


"The Other Place weaves effortlessly through time and memory to challenge the audience and the actors on a careening journey through intense emotional territory. In other words, it's everything Chimera loves about theater," said Griffiths.


The pair are committed to keeping theater affordable, with tickets available for only $15, comparable to a movie ticket, thereby opening the art form to a wide range of audiences.


This production of The Other Place stars Nishika Bagchi, Alex Leonhardt, David Sullivan and Michelle Wood. Tickets will be available at the door starting at 7:30 p.m. each night of the performance for $15 each (cash only) or can be purchased in advance via Chimera Productions' IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign, which runs through July 14 (


About Chimera Productions:


Chimera Productions was founded by a group of New Jersey artists, spearheaded by Drew Griffiths and Jeffrey Alan Davis, who produce plays solely for their artistic merit. Why Chimera Productions? A Chimera is an imaginary monster comprised of incongruous parts; an illusion or fabrication of the mind; something that is fantastically visionary, improbable or the product of an unchecked imagination.

The company's goal is to only produce work that is interesting, enlightening, and not often seen; to explore the power of theater, and the bond between artist and live audience. The Other Place is their 13th consecutive production at the Arts Council of Princeton.



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